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Monday 18th December 2017
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Anagrams - Men of the Old Testament

Hat on Jan

More acid

Like Zee

Hit goal

SOS! Me?

Enhance buzzard

Jim 'n' Bean

No looms?

A Manna

Hike haze

I jam here!

Bah! A ram

I'd gone

One badge

No mass

An oar

A lamb! So?


More a job

Eh? I'm a hen!

Hard cash

Mob a hero

Me Saul?

Hi Asia!

I do, Ahab

So, a Jephthah!


A lush theme

Hire map

Seal him

In dorm

Hail Cam

No semi

Razzle bathes

A bad machine

Heal an ant

Canine herbs

Adores hand



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