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Thursday 24th July 2014
Free Bible Puzzles to download, print and play online.

Welcome to Bible Puzzles!

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Latest Puzzles

Quick Bible Crossword XVII (added 20th July 2014)

A new Bible Crossword, quick and interactive...

Bible Fill-in : GOD (added 20th July 2014)

A Kriss Kross puzzle where all the words contain the letters G,O & D.

Quick Bible Crossword XVI (added 8th July 2014)

Another quick Bible crossword, taking us up to XVI in the series.

Bible Logic Puzzle IV (added 7th July 2014)

Four fishermen have a miraculous catch of fish, can you work out who caught what from the clues?

Quick Bible Crossword XV (added 5th July 2014)

This quick Bible crossword is quite an easy one.

Quick Bible Crossword XIV (added 2nd June 2014)

The 14th addition to our Quick Bible crossword section... as usual interactive and printable.

Quick Bible Crossword XIII (added 28th May 2014)

Another addition to our Quick Bible crossword section, interactive and printable.

1001 Bible Trivia Questions

Bible Dingbat Rebus Puzzle

What's this DINGBAT?

The Word Cloud Bible

Download all 66 books of the Bible as a pictorial representation of word density

How many words can you make from this polyword?

fl gntslrv vh tb hsrp tn dlhs mh n htvlb rvshw tht ns nttgb yln sh vg h tht dlrw ht dvl s dg rf

What's the Bible verse?

Make your own!