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Who was the first person recorded as being visited by an angel?

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Who is the only person recorded as being placed in a coffin when they died?
| Abraham | Joseph | Nebuchadnezzar | Herod |

Who was the first person recorded as getting drunk?
| Noah | Lot | Reuben | Pharaoh |

Who was the first person in the Bible recorded as getting drunk?
| Noah | Abraham | Adam | Lot |

When Hagar was visited by an angel what did he find her by?
| Rock | Spring | Cave | Tree |

What was the name of the angel who visited Zacharias?
| Michael | Cassiel | Seraphiel | Gabriel |

What happened to the first person who stepped into the pool of Bethesda after an angel stirred up the water?
| He spoke in tongues | He was healed of any illness | He was taken up into heaven | He was given the Holy Spirit |

Who is the only person in Genesis recorded as living less than 120 years?
| Joseph | Isaac | Moses | Jacob |

What did David do when he visited King Achish in Gath?
| He killed the king | He offered him his friendship | He pretended to be insane | He gave the king a gift |

Who became blind when Paul visited him at Paphos because of his attempt to turn the ruler, Sergius Paulus, away from the Word of God?
| Simeon | Elymas | Herod | Agabus |

What did the shepherds do after they had visited Jesus?
| Spread the news about Jesus' birth | Went to buy Jesus presents | Went back to looking after their sheep | Went home |

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