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To which region did Moses flee after killing the Egyptian?

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Moses fled to Midian because he had killed an Egyptian
| False | True |

Into which region did Moses send the twelve spies?
| Moab | Goshen | Edom | Canaan |

What did God rain down on the Amorite army as they passed through Beth-Horon, killing more of them than the Israelite army did?
| Boiling rain | Fire and brimstone | Hailstones | Quails |

Who did an Egyptian maid rescue from the River Nile?
| Othniel | Jephthah | Moses | Isaac |

King Zimri reigned for only seven days before killing himself
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In which wilderness region did John the Baptist preach?
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Which city did Jonah attempt to flee to instead?
| Nineveh | Tarshish | Joppa | Bethlehem |

Children in the region of what age were to be killed, in the hope that Jesus would also be killed?
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Why did Jacob flee to live with Laban?
| Abimelech wanted his wife | He had sinned against God | Esau wanted to kill him | He had stolen from his father |

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