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Which apostle baptized the Ethiopian eunuch?

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When Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch arrive at some water, what does the eunuch say?
| I want to give my animals a drink | Are you thirsty? | I must stop and wash my feet | What is there to stop me getting baptised? |

Which book of prophecy was the Ethiopian eunuch reading from?
| Ezekiel | Jeremiah | Isaiah | Daniel |

The ethiopian eunuch, held what office of responsibility to Candace, queen of the Ethiopians?
| Military chief | Chief advisor | Treasurer | Scribe |

The Ethiopian eunuch was baptised by Peter
| False | True |

When Jesus was baptized, in what form did the Spirit of God appear to him?
| A still small voice | A dove | A flaming tongue | A rushing wind |

What was the name of the first Gentile (non-Jew) to be baptized?
| Peter | Lucius | Ananias | Cornelius |

What was the question that Philip asked the eunuch of Ethiopia while he was reading Scripture?
| Are you a believer in Christ? | Have you been baptized? | Do you understand what you are reading? | Who told you about this Scripture? |

Which Book? : This book of the Bible is a letter written by the apostle Paul which includes many expressions of rejoicing and joyfulness. Paul also tells his audience that every knee should bow at the name of Jesus. He also particularly commends Timothy and Epaphroditus.

Which apostle, described as full of grace and power, and doing great wonders and signs among the people was stoned to death?
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Which apostle was a Pharisee?
| Steven | Paul | James | Peter |

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