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Which gospel records the fewest of the miracles performed by Jesus?

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Which two signs, or miracles, are also recorded in other gospel records?
| Raising of Lazarus, the draught of fishes | The ruler's son healed, the draught of fishes | Feeding of the 5,000, Jesus walks on water | Feeding of the 5,000, raising of Lazarus |

Which miracle that Jesus performed divided the Pharisees in opinion as to whether Jesus was from God or not?
| Healing of the dumb man by touching his tongue | Healing of the man with the withered hand | Healing of the blind man by covering his eyes in clay | Turning water into wine |

Which Book ...other than Matthew, records the birth of Jesus?
| Luke | John | Acts | Mark |

What miracle had Jesus performed when he said, "It is I; be not afraid"?
| Healing of Peter's mother-in-law | Raising of Lazarus | Walking on water | Opening of the eyes of the man born blind |

Which book of the Bible records many of the hymns David wrote?
| Proverbs | Ecclesiastes | Psalms | Job |

Which Book ...records the great flood in the time of Noah?
| Ezekiel | Exodus | Psalms | Genesis |

What was the first miracle performed by Elisha?
| Raising woman's son | Healing Naaman | Parting of the river Jordan | Oil for widow |

Where did people gather as the apostles performed signs and wonders?
| The Temple Stairs | Solomon's Porch | The Sheep Market | The Beautiful Gate |

In which Gospel does Jesus state that he is the "Bread of Life?"
| Matthew | Luke | Mark | John |

In which gospel would you find... Jesus before Annas?
| Luke | Matthew | Mark | John |

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