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Seven fat and seven thin of what animals appeared to Pharoah in Egypt?

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What was the name of the angel who appeared twice to Daniel and also to Mary, mother of Jesus?
| Gabriel | Uriel | Michael | Raphael |

During the transfiguration, who appeared to Jesus and the three disciples?
| Adam and Noah | Moses and Elijah | Enoch and Solomon | Abraham and David |

What did Jesus and the disciples have for breakfast when Jesus appeared to them after the resurrection by the Sea of Tiberias?
| Meat | Pulses | Bread and fish | Cheese and wine |

How many angels appeared with the disciples as Jesus ascended to heaven?
| One | Four | Three | Two |

The face of which bird appeared in the Ezekiel's vision of the creatures with four faces?
| Heron | Owl | Hawk | Eagle |

Jesus appeared to his disciples after the resurrection beside which sea?
| Sea of Joppa | Dead Sea | Sea of Tiberias | Red Sea |

God appeared to Jacob in a vision at Beer-sheba, but what did he tell him?
| He would see his lost son again | He would be made into a great nation | Out of his house would come a saviour | His people would be made into a slave nation |

Which two Old Testament characters appeared with Jesus at the transfiguration?
| Elijah and Moses | Elijah and Elisha | Abraham and Elisha | Abraham and Moses |

What did God say to Solomon when he appeared to him the second time?
| A son will be born unto you | I will give you long life and happiness | I will establish the throne of thy kingdom for ever | Your name will be great throughout the earth |

What is the name of the angel who appeared to Mary?
| Gabriel | Uriel | Michael | Raphael |

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