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Who did Paul heal at Lystra?

Deaf man
Dumb man
Blind man
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Which gods did the people of Lystra think Paul and Barnabas were?
| Pluto and Bacchus | Jupiter and Mercury | Apollo and Mars | Saturn and Janus |

What was the name of the god that Barnabas was called at Lystra?
| Jupiter | Mercury | Eros | Apollo |

Who was well reported of at Lystra?
| Silas | Titus | Barnabas | Timothy |

In which city did Paul heal the man who was crippled from birth?
| Jericho | Lystra | Damascus | Antioch |

What did Elisha throw into Jericho's water supply to "heal" it?
| Milk | A branch | Salt | Bitter herbs |

What did Elisha sprinkle into the polluted waters of Jericho to heal them?
| Dirt | Flour | Blood | Salt |

Which relation of Jairus did Jesus heal?
| Uncle | Daughter | Nephew | Mother |

Which prophet did the young maid of Naaman's wife suggest could heal Naaman of his leprosy?
| Elisha | Jeremiah | Isaiah | Elijah |

Whose mother-in-law did Jesus heal?
| Matthew | James | John | Peter |

How did Jesus heal the blind man?
| He anointed his eyes with oil | He said the word and he was healed | He anointed his eyes with clay and told him to wash | He touched his eyes and scales fell off them |

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