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What woman did Peter raise from the dead?

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Whose son did Elijah raise from the dead?
| The widow of Nain | Naomi | The widow of Zarephath | Hezekiah |

Whose 12 year old daughter did Jesus raise from the dead?
| The Samaritan woman | Jairus | Peter | The centurion |

Who did Jesus raise from the dead by a prayer of thanks to God?
| Lazarus | Moses | The widow of Nain's son | Malchus |

Which woman, who was full of good works and acts of charity, was raised from the dead by Peter at Lydda?
| Tabitha | Eunice | Elizabeth | Diana |

What did Joseph Barnabas sell to raise money for God's work?
| Horse | House | Field | Flock of sheep |

Who did Christ raise in the town of Nain?
| Peter's mother-in-law | Widow's son | Lazarus | Jairus' daughter |

What was Peter's original name before he became known as Peter?
| Jonah | Paul | Simon | Silas |

What did the Philistines do when they realised that Goliath was dead?
| Rushed into battle | Surrendered | Fled | Froze where they were |

How many times did Elijah stretch himself over the widow's dead son before he was revived?
| Four | Three | One | Two |

What did Elisha send with Gehazi to place on the Shunammite's dead son?
| Myrrh | Part of his garment | Staff | A gold coin |

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