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Who escorted the slave with the letter to Philemon?

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Which Book? : This book of the Bible is a letter written by Paul to a man whose slave has run away from him. Paul pleads for the slave to be received home again because they are all brothers in the Lord.

What should Philemon do if his slave owed him anything?
| Make him work to pay his debt | Forgive and forget | Charge it to the writer | Haul him before the authorities |

Who did Paul write a letter to concerning his slave Onesimus?
| James | Philemon | Jude | Titus |

Who wrote the letter to Philemon?
| Luke | John | Paul | Barnabas |

Why was the letter written to Philemon?
| His slave had found another master | His slave wanted to leave him | His slave was ill | His slave had run away |

Who bought Joseph as his slave from the Ishmaelites?
| Pharaoh | Phicol | Pilate | Potiphar |

Reuben suggested selling Joseph to the traders as a slave?
| True | False |

Who was sold as a slave to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver?
| Jeremiah | Jesus | Joseph | Judas |

Onesimus, was a run away slave from which city?
| Corinth | Colosse | Antioch | Troas |

What was the name of the slave?
| Nathanael | Apollos | Onesimus | Philologus |

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