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What does Philemon owe to the writer?

500 pence
His life
Two goats
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What did the writer keep hearing about Philemon?
| His compassion upon the poor | His love and faith towards Jesus | His wisdom as an elder of the church | His courage in the face of persecution |

Why did the writer take great joy from Philemon?
| Philemon had prayed fervently for him | Philemon had converted many people | Philemon had refreshed the hearts of believers | Philemon had been a great comfort to him |

What was the writer asking of Philemon?
| To employ him in skilled work | To receive him back as a brother in Christ | To let him go as a free man | To receive him as a slave once again |

What did the writer ask Philemon to have ready for him?
| A flask of wine | A donkey | A hot stew | A room |

In the parable of the debtors, one owed 500 denarii, but how much did the other one owe?
| 5 | 50 | 100 | 5000 |

Which New Testament writer talks of the "patience of Job"?
| Matthew | Peter | John | James |

How had the slaved changed during his time with the writer?
| He had become a skilled worker | He had been cured of an illness | He had become wealthy | He had become a brother in Christ |

Which of the writer's mentioned fellowlabourers accompanied him on a ship bound for Rome?
| Lucas | Mark | Demas | Aristarchus |

Which is the only gospel writer to record the healing of Malchus' ear after it was cut off?
| Mark | John | Luke | Matthew |

At what place had the writer been given a rough treatment?
| Berea | Tarsus | Athens | Philippi |

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