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What animal did Samson kill on his way to Timnah?

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What surprised Samson on his way to Timnah with his parents?
| A fallen tree blocking the way | A thunderstorm | An attack by his enemies | A young lion |

How many companions did the Philistines give to Samson at the feast in Timnah?
| 40 | 30 | 10 | 20 |

What did Samson find in the carcass of the animal he had killed at a later time?
| Bread | Honey | A bird's nest | Flies |

What animal did Samson send through the Philistine fields?
| Cattle | Foxes | Horses | Sheep |

To which city did Samson go down to and kill 30 men?
| Gaza | Ashkelon | Timnah | Jerusalem |

How did Samson kill all the people in the temple?
| Killed them all with a sword | Pushed the pillars over and the temple collapsed | Set fire to the tables | Asked God to send an earthquake and make the temple collapse |

What part of a donkey did Samson used to kill 1,000 Philistines?
| Hoof | Jawbone | Hind leg | Rib |

On what island was Paul shipwrecked as he made his way to Rome?
| Cyprus | Rhodes | Crete | Malta |

What misfortune did Paul encounter on the way to Rome?
| Illness | Whirlpool | Tornado | Shipwrecked |

Why did Jesus say it is difficult to find the way that leads to life?
| The path is rocky and steep | The path is winding | The gate is low and hidden | The gate is narrow and few find it |

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