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How many times did Samson lie about his source of strength to Delilah?

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What was the source of Samson's strength?
| Long beard | Eating spinach | Sunlight | Long hair |

Which of these was the source of Samson's strength?
| Green withs | Woven hair | New ropes | Uncut hair |

Who lied when he was asked to reveal the source of his great strength?
| Goliath | Gideon | Boaz | Samson |

How many silver pieces would each Philistine lord give to Delilah if she betrayed Samson?
| 650 | 1100 | 500 | 30 |

Samson loved Delilah so much that she persuaded him to tell her what?
| The secret of his strength | Where the Ark of God was | How to defeat the Israelites | How many Philistines he had killed |

Who persuaded Delilah to betray Samson?
| Benjamites | Leaders of Assyria | Mother and father | Lords of the Philistines |

For how many days did Ezekiel lie on his left-hand side to symbolise the siege of Jerusalem?
| 195 | 90 | 270 | 390 |

Where did Delilah live?
| Valley of Ben Hinnom | Valley of Eschol | Valley of Sorek | Valley of Siddim |

Fearing that Saul wanted to kill him, what lie did David ask Jonathan to tell his father if asked why he wasn't at the king's table for the New Moon feast?
| He was moving his flocks to new pastures | He was ill | He had gone to Bethlehem for a family gathering | He had gone to deliver an urgent message to his uncle |

What lie was told about Naboth that led to him being stoned and Ahab taking possession of his vineyard?
| He had stolen the king's cattle | He had raped the king's daughter | He had failed to pay his taxes | He had blasphemed against God and the king |

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