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With whom did David commit adultery?

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What convinced David he was in love with Bathsheba, to the extent that he was prepared to commit adultery?
| He saw her with her husband, and saw she was beautiful | He saw her take a bath, and saw she was beautiful | She was his servant, and he saw she was beautiful | He had dinner with her, and saw she was beautiful |

Thou shalt not commit adultery is which of the Ten Commandments?
| 9th | 8th | 7th | 10th |

David says in the Psalms that "adders' poison is under their lips". To whom is he referring?
| Enemies | Kings | Deceitful women | Evil men |

How did King Zimri commit suicide?
| Thrust his hand in the hole of a poisonous snake | Threw himself under a chariot | Burned his house down while still inside it | Locked himself in a room with no food or water |

What sin did Noah commit after he began to be a "man of the soil"?
| Adultery | Drunkeness | Coveting | Anger |

What sin did Achan commit?
| Slothfulness | Lasciviousness | Theft | Adultery |

What sin did Gehazi commit?
| Envy | Greed | Lust | Fornication |

What sin did the children of Israel commit whilst Moses was up on Mount Sinai?
| Attacked a neighbouring tribe | Carved an idol out of gopher wood | Sold Joseph into slavery | Worshipping a golden calf |

In whom did Timothy's faith first dwell?
| Tabitha | Lois | Lydia | Anna |

In prison, for whom did Joseph interpret dreams?
| The butler and the baker | The jailer and his wife | The captain of the guard | Pharaoh |

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