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According to Peter, what covers a multitude of sins?

Animal sacrifice
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Whose name means 'father of a great multitude'?
| Abraham | Isaac | Jacob | Joseph |

What sign did the betrayer give that Jesus was the man the multitude wanted?
| A kiss | He gave him a lighted torch | He pointed | A slap |

How were sins forgiven in the Old Testament?
| Prayer | Bathing | Fasting | Animal sacrifice |

How many times did Jesus say you should forgive your brother when he sins against you?
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Which of these sins does God consider to be an abomination?
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Who told Joseph that Jesus would save his people from their sins?
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When Jesus forgave the sins of the sick man let down through the roof to him, to what did the Pharisees object?
| They objected to the hole in the roof of the house | They thought Jesus should have healed the man rather than forgive his sins | They thought only God could forgive sins | They objected to the multitudes around coming to be healed |

Where does Micah say God will cast all our sins?
| Out of the earth | Depths of the sea | Bottomless pit | Behind his back |

What was Peter's original name before he became known as Peter?
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According to Old Testament law, what should you not cook a young goat in?
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