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Which city did God ask Jonah to go to?

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Which city did Jonah try to run to instead of going to Nineveh as God had commanded?
| Jerusalem | Babylon | Damascus | Tarshish |

What was the name of the city that Jonah was told to take God's message to?

Which city did Jonah attempt to flee to instead?
| Joppa | Tarshish | Bethlehem | Nineveh |

How did the city react to Jonah's message of destruction?
| They tried to kill him | They ignored him | They repented | They chased him into the desert |

What did Jonah do while he waited to see the city's fate?
| He went 3 days journey into the desert to meditate | He walked round the city walls | He stayed in one of the town's inns | He sat down on the East of the city |

How long was it to be before the city Jonah had a message for was overthrown?
| 1 week | 1 year | 1 month | 40 days |

What was Jonah's reaction to the way the people of the city responded?
| He was angry | He was scared | He was too tired to care | He was delighted |

What did God ask Abraham to sacrifice to him on Mount Moriah?
| A ram | A turtledove | His wife | His only son |

What did king Solomon ask for from God?
| Wisdom | A long life | Power | Money |

For what gift did Solomon ask God?
| Riches | Honour | Wisdom | The life of his enemies |

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