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Which city did Jonah attempt to flee to instead?

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Which city did Jonah try to run to instead of going to Nineveh as God had commanded?
| Damascus | Jerusalem | Babylon | Tarshish |

How did the king reward Mordecai for saving him from an assassination attempt?
| Haman led him through the streets on the king's horse | He allowed him to be exempt from the Jewish extermination order | He paid him 100 talents of silver | He was given the kings signet ring |

Who became blind when Paul visited him at Paphos because of his attempt to turn the ruler, Sergius Paulus, away from the Word of God?
| Herod | Agabus | Elymas | Simeon |

To which region did Moses flee after killing the Egyptian?
| Libya | Edom | Goshen | Midian |

Why did Jacob flee to live with Laban?
| He had sinned against God | Abimelech wanted his wife | Esau wanted to kill him | He had stolen from his father |

Where did Jesus say that those in Judea should flee to when they saw the abomination of desolation set up?
| The River Jordan | The mountains | Bethlehem | The coast |

To where did Paul & Silas flee?
| Berea | Thessalonica | Appolonia | Amphipolis |

Why did Jephthah flee to the land of Tob?
| He wanted to spend his inheritance | He killed one of his brothers | He eloped with his neighbour's daughter | He was illegitimate and his brothers drove him out |

Which city did God ask Jonah to go to?
| Nineveh | Joppa | Bethlehem | Tarshish |

How did the city react to Jonah's message of destruction?
| They repented | They ignored him | They tried to kill him | They chased him into the desert |

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