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Which judge killed Eglon, King of Moab?

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Which overweight king of Moab was killed when a sword was thrust into his belly?
| Eglon | Jabin | Merom | Jobab |

Who was a left-handed Benjamite that delivered Israel from the king of Moab?
| Barak | Ehud|Aod | Gideon | Samson |

Children in the region of what age were to be killed, in the hope that Jesus would also be killed?
| 1 year and under | 6 months and under | 2 years and under | 3 years and under |

Why did Elimelech go to live in Moab with his family?
| Famine in his home town | Distant relatives invited him | Earthquake in his home town | Disagreement with his town leaders |

What happened to Elimelech in Moab?
| He left his wife | He died | He was killed by the King of Moab | His sons murdered him |

Moab threw Daniel into a den of lions
| False | True |

Who Am I? : I was a judge of Israel, son of Kenaz and nephew of Caleb. I defeated Cushan-Rishathaim, the king of Mesopotamia, before judging Israel for another 40 peaceful years.

Which king of Bashan was killed by the army of Moses, along with all his soldiers?
| Sihon | Jair | Og | Machir |

Which king was killed by two of his sons as he was worshipping?
| Sennacherib | Cyrus | Zedekiah | Shalmaneser |

Which king had children under two years old killed?
| Nebuchadnezzar | Shishak | Baasha | Herod the Great |

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