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What does the name "Adam" mean?

man, or blue sky
man, or green grass
man, or red earth
man, or rocks of the earth
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What does the name "Elisha" mean?
| my God is king | my God is salvation | my God is joyful | my God is faithful |

What does the prefix "Bar" mean in a name?
| tree of | house of | son of | light of |

What does the name Timothy mean?
| honouring God | praising God | rejoicing in God | saved by God |

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| The Lord is merciful | Gift of the Lord | The Lord is here | Treasures of the Lord |

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| Who knows the righteousness of Yah? | The messenger of Yah | Yah is merciful | Who is like Yah? |

What does the name "Jehovah-Nissi" mean?
| The Lord is My Shepherd | The Lord is My Peace | The Lord is My Provider | The Lord is My Banner |

What was the name of the garden where Adam and Eve lived?
| Garden of Babylon | Garden of Gethsemane | Garden of Eden | Garden of Paradise |

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