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What did the Israelites borrow from their neighbours?

Earthen pots
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From which country did Moses help the Israelites escape from their lives of slavery?
| Moab | Egypt | Midian | Edom |

Complete the quote: "This people honours me with their ___ but their heart is far from me."
| Lips | Hands | Sacrifices | Ears |

How many of the city's inhabitants could not "discern their left hand from their right hand"?
| 120,000 | 40,000 | 1,000 | 300,000 |

What animals did the Philistines use to send back the Ark of the Covenant they had taken in battle to the Israelites?
| Donkeys | Ox | Cows | Mules |

How did Rahab let the invading Israelites identify her house?
| She tied a red thread in the window | She left a red bowl by the front door | She painted the door red | She put a red flag on the roof |

Where did Saul and the Israelites camp when they faced Goliath and the Philistines?
| Valley of Rephaim | Valley of Achor | Valley of Elah | Valley of Eshcol |

For how many days did Goliath issue his challenge to the Israelites?
| Ten | Twenty | Forty | Thirty |

Where did the Lord speak to the Israelites out of the fire?
| Wilderness of Sin | Egypt | Horeb | The Red Sea |

What did the Israelites do whilst Moses was receiving the Ten Commandments from God?
| Made a molten calf | Spent the time in prayer | Complained about the lack of food | Offered strange incense |

Why did the Israelites grumble to Moses when they came to Marah?
| No water to drink | God had forsaken them | They were tired of walking | Nothing to eat |

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