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On which mountain were the Israelites given the Ten Commandments

Mt. Nebo
Mt. Sinai
Mt. Olives
Mt. Ararat
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On which mountain did God give the Ten Commandments?
| Ararat | Sinai | Carmel | Ephraim |

The Ten Commandments were given to Aaron on Mt. Sinai
| True | False |

Which mountain do the Samaritans claim as the true mountain of God?
| Hermon | Carmel | Sinai | Gerizim |

What did the Israelites do whilst Moses was receiving the Ten Commandments from God?
| Spent the time in prayer | Made a molten calf | Complained about the lack of food | Offered strange incense |

From which mountain was Moses given a view of the Promised Land he not permitted to enter?
| Mt. Hermon | Mt. Nebo | Mt. Sinai | Mt. Hor |

On what were the Ten Commandments written?
| Two tables of stone | Two jars of clay | A papyrus scroll | A carved and engraved box |

Where were the Ten Commandments stored?
| Under the Table of Showbread | Under the Altar of Burnt Offering | In front of the Golden Altar of Incense | In the Ark of the Covenant |

On how many tablets of stone were the Ten Commandments written?
| 4 | 1 | 3 | 2 |

The Ten Commandments were kept in the Ark of the Covenant
| False | True |

Name one of the items that the Israelites were given to eat in the wilderness

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