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Which profession does Jesus compare himself to spiritually?

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What does Jesus compare the Kingdom of God to in one of his parables?
| A piece of bread | A pomegranate seed | A grain of mustard | A grain of wheat |

To what does James compare this small body part?
| A rudder on a ship | A wheel on a cart | A leaf on a plant | A cooking pot in a house |

To what food does the Lord compare his disciples?
| Bread | Yeast | Salt | Herbs |

In Song of Solomon, what type of tree does the love-smitten woman compare her man to?
| Apple | Olive | Fig | Pear |

What metal, used to sharpen other like metal, does Proverbs compare to friends?

What was Paul's profession?
| Fisherman | Tentmaker | Carpenter | Soldier |

What was Peter's profession?
| Tax collector | Carpenter | Fisherman | Tentmaker |

What profession did Zebedee, father of James and John, have?
| Fisherman | Physician | Tax-collector | Carpenter |

To what animal does Goliath liken himself which David is "coming after with sticks"?
| Pig | Rat | Dog | Ox |

The beauty of which plant did Jesus compare to King Solomon?
| Lilies | Daisies | Palm Tree | Myrtle |

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