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In which city did Jesus meet Zacchaeus?

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Where did Jesus meet Zacchaeus?
| Jericho | Gadara | Bethlehem | Azotus |

In which city did Silas and Timothy meet up with Paul?
| Rome | Athens | Corinth | Antioch |

Jesus saw Zacchaeus up a sycamore tree in Jericho
| True | False |

In which gospel would you find... Zacchaeus?
| John | Matthew | Luke | Mark |

By what object did Jesus meet the woman of Samaria?

As Jesus entered a village while going between Samaria and Galilee, how many lepers did he meet?
| Eighteen | Four | Seven | Ten |

Where did Jesus meet the woman of Samaria?
| In a field | Under a tree | In the town square | By a well |

Zacchaeus lived in Capernaum
| False | True |

Where did Moses meet his future wife?
| In the wilderness on the journey to the promised land | In Pharaoh's palace in the land of Egypt | At the house of one of the Israelites | At a well in the land of Midian |

On Paul's journey to Rome, at what location did he meet brethren whom he thanked God for?
| Syracuse | Rome | Malta | Appii forum |

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