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Which ruler wanted the baby Jesus killed?

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Who wanted to kill Jesus when he was a baby?
| Herod | John the Baptist | The wise men | Caesar |

Which ruler of the synagogue asked Jesus to heal his sick daughter?
| Jairus | Joseph | James | Nicodemus |

Who became blind when Paul visited him at Paphos because of his attempt to turn the ruler, Sergius Paulus, away from the Word of God?
| Agabus | Elymas | Herod | Simeon |

Children in the region of what age were to be killed, in the hope that Jesus would also be killed?
| 1 year and under | 2 years and under | 6 months and under | 3 years and under |

The elderly widowed prophetess in Jerusalem, who saw Jesus as a baby was?
| Salome | Anna | Rachel | Tabitha |

Who gave thanks to the Lord when they saw the baby Jesus?
| Anna the Prophetess | Herod | Simeon | The shepherds |

Which baby was named after his mother's laughter?
| Isaac | Esau | Joseph | Jacob |

What sign did the betrayer give that Jesus was the man the multitude wanted?
| He gave him a lighted torch | A slap | A kiss | He pointed |

Who wanted to kill Jesus?
| Cyrenius | Caesar Augustus | Herod | Wise men |

How were the family warned that someone wanted to kill Jesus?
| An angel came and visited them | A star appeared in the sky | By a messenger | In a dream |

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