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How many annual feasts were held in the autumn?

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How many of the annual feasts occur in the month of Sivan?
| Three | Two | One | None |

Which is the first of the appointed annual feasts?
| Feast of Weeks | Feast of Firstfruits | Day of Atonement | Passover |

What is the last of the appointed annual feasts?
| Feast of Unleavened Bread | Day of Atonement | Feast of Tabernacles | Feast of Firstfruits |

Which king held a banquet on the night of his death, during which he saw writing appear on the wall?
| Belshazzar | Sargon II | Cyrus | Darius II |

The ethiopian eunuch, held what office of responsibility to Candace, queen of the Ethiopians?
| Treasurer | Military chief | Chief advisor | Scribe |

Which Jewish feast was to be held on the first day of the seventh month?
| Feast of Trumpets | Day of Atonement | Feast of Tabernacles | Feast of Weeks |

Where was the wedding held that Jesus attended?
| Sychar | Jerusalem | Cana | Caesarea |

What would Job do in the morning after his sons' feasts?
| Clean up | Pray for a blessing on the family | Cook them breakfast | Offer a sacrfice for each child |

Which of the appointed feasts occurs at Jewish New Year?
| Passover | Day of Atonement | Feast of Trumpets | Purim |

What did Jonathan eat, despite Saul telling his troops that they were not to eat it until they were victorious?
| Lamb | Honeycomb | Milk | Bread |

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