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Where will the believers reign from in the Kingdom of God?

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Israel split into two kingdoms after the reign of King Solomon, with Israel in the north, but what was the name of the southern kingdom?
| Edom | Judah | Syria | Philistia |

Which king had the longest reign over the Kingdom of Israel?
| Ahab | Omri | Jehu | Jeroboam II |

Who Am I? : I was a prophet in the kingdom of Israel, starting my years of prophecy towards the end of the reign of Jeroboam II. I was married to Gomer, an harlot, and had three children.

Who was king of the southern kingdom when the northern kingdom of Israel fell to Assyria?
| Jehoram | Asa | Manasseh | Hezekiah |

The bodies of believers were raised and then came out of the graves after the resurrection of Jesus?
| True | False |

What are believers told to "take up" if they are to follow Jesus?
| Their money | Their beds | Their faith | Their cross |

What happened to the believers at Samaria when Peter and John laid their hands on them?
| They were healed | Nothing | Given Holy Spirit | They fainted |

How did Jesus describe his believers?
| Ye are white as snow | Ye are the salt of the earth | Ye are as precious as gold | Ye are the key to the door |

Why do believers need not worry about those Christians which have died?
| They are assured of a place in heaven | They will be transformed into angels | They will be raised to life again | Jesus will welcome them into the kingdom |

What will happen to the believers alive at the return of Christ?
| They will be led before the judgment throne | They will be made like the angels | They will be taken up to the gates of heaven | They will be caught up together in the clouds |

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