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What service did Nehemiah perform for King Artaxerxes?

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What did King Artaxerxes order concerning Jerusalem?
| Everyone in Persia was to worship Jehovah | Jerusalem not be rebuilt until his command | No Jew was to work more than eight hours a day | A festival be held each year to honor Jerusalem |

Which king was Nehemiah sad in the presence of?
| Abijam | Artaxerxes | Balak | Darius |

Who asked for all the dark coloured sheep from Laban's flock as payment for service to him?
| Joseph | Jacob | Abraham | Esau |

Who did Nehemiah serve as cupbearer for?
| Sanballat | Darius | Nebuchadrezzar | Artaxerxes |

What miracle did Jesus perform at the marriage in Cana?
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What miracle did Jesus perform at the marriage in Cana?
| Feeding of 5000 | The withered fig tree | Water into wine | Raising of Lazarus |

What miracle did Jesus perform just before healing Legion of his unclean spirit?
| Feeding of the 4,000 | Walking on water | Calming of the storm | Raised Lazarus |

Who was the first of the apostles to perform a miracle in the name of Jesus?
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