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Which garden did Jesus go to pray in before his arrest?

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Name the garden in which Jesus went to pray before he was arrested

What was Daniel's punishment for continuing to pray to God when Darius commanded no-one should pray to anyone except him?
| He was executed | He was thrown into a den of lions | He was exiled | He was beaten and thrown into a pit |

What was the name of the servant who had his ear cut off at the arrest of Jesus?
| Malchus | Didymus | Barnabas | Ananias |

Whose ear was cut off with a sword at the arrest of Jesus?
| Judas Iscariot | Mark | Servant of the High Priest | Peter |

What does the Bible say Judas "received" from the chief priests and Pharisees to enable him to help arrest Jesus?
| A legion of Roman soldiers | A multitude of the common people | The chief leaders of the people | A band of men and officers |

Why did Herod arrest Peter?
| For threatening his position as king | To please the Jews | For causing a riot | To protect him from harm |

How many rivers did the river in Eden split into once it left the garden?
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Who did Jesus pray for that his faith failed not?
| James | Peter | John | Judas |

Whereabouts was the garden of Eden?
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God planted a garden called Eden?
| False | True |

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