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To what food does the Lord compare his disciples?

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What does Jesus compare the Kingdom of God to in one of his parables?
| A pomegranate seed | A grain of wheat | A piece of bread | A grain of mustard |

To what does James compare this small body part?
| A rudder on a ship | A wheel on a cart | A leaf on a plant | A cooking pot in a house |

Which profession does Jesus compare himself to spiritually?
| Tentmaker | Fisherman | Carpenter | Shepherd |

In Song of Solomon, what type of tree does the love-smitten woman compare her man to?
| Pear | Olive | Fig | Apple |

What metal, used to sharpen other like metal, does Proverbs compare to friends?

What does Psalm 78 describe as the food of angels?
| Milk | Honey | Manna | Grapes |

Complete the Bible reference : The LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD. ( __ Ch 1 vs 21)

When Moses blessed the tribes before his death, to what animal did he compare Gad?
| Turtledove | Elephant | Doe | Lion |

When does Jesus tell his disciples they will judge the twelve tribes in the kingdom?
| While they disputed when the kingdom will come | While they disputed who was the greatest disciple | While they disputed about Isaiah's prophecy | While they disputed if Jesus was God's son |

After finding no godly men in the land, to what did Micah compare the best of them?
| A brier | A gnat | A serpent in the grass | A mouldy fig |

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