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Who did God give the Ten Commandments to?

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On which mountain did God give the Ten Commandments?
| Carmel | Ephraim | Ararat | Sinai |

What did the Israelites do whilst Moses was receiving the Ten Commandments from God?
| Made a molten calf | Complained about the lack of food | Spent the time in prayer | Offered strange incense |

How many of the Ten Commandments are about honouring God?
| 8 | 4 | 6 | 2 |

How many commandments did God give to Moses on Mount Sinai?
| 50 | 5 | 20 | 10 |

How did Moses break the two tablets of stone with the Ten Commandments written on?
| He saw the idol worship and dropped them | They fell from his donkey as he was riding | He stumbled as he came down the mountain | He ran them over with his chariot |

On what were the Ten Commandments written?
| Two tables of stone | A papyrus scroll | A carved and engraved box | Two jars of clay |

'Honour thy father and thy mother' is one of the ten commandments. Which one?
| 5th | 6th | 4th | 7th |

Which of the Ten Commandments was an instruction not to lie?
| 9th | 8th | 6th | 7th |

One of the ten commandments forbids the coveting of a neighbour's property. Which one?
| 8th | 9th | 7th | 10th |

In the ten commandments, why should we honour our father and mother?
| So that thou receive honour from the angels in heaven | So that thy house will be a blessed place | So that thy days may be long upon the land which God giveth thee | So that thy children shall be blessed accordingly |

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