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The believers in which city were described in Revelation as being "lukewarm"?

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Which church did Jesus accuse of being lukewarm?
| Thyatira | Sardis | Laodicea | Philadelphia |

The desolation of which city is described in Revelation chapter 18?
| Tyre | Capernaum | Sodom | Babylon |

The Jews in which city were described as receiving the word with all readiness of mind and searching the scriptures daily?
| Apollonia | Neapolis | Berea | Troas |

In the New Jerusalem described in Revelation, what are the twelve gates made from?
| Gold | Pearl | Glass | Bronze |

Who is the only woman who was described as being both beautiful and intelligent?
| Abigail | Sarah | Martha | Mary |

The bodies of believers were raised and then came out of the graves after the resurrection of Jesus?
| False | True |

In Revelation, John saw four chariots being pulled by horses
| False | True |

Why do believers need not worry about those Christians which have died?
| They will be raised to life again | They are assured of a place in heaven | Jesus will welcome them into the kingdom | They will be transformed into angels |

On which occasion in the Bible does it specifically say that believers sung a hymn?
| Jesus and the disciples celebrating Passover | Paul and his followers in the house of Lydia | Moses when he had seen the glory of God | David when King Saul asked for him to play music |

What are believers told to "take up" if they are to follow Jesus?
| Their money | Their beds | Their cross | Their faith |

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