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On which day of the creation did God create trees and plants?

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On which day of creation did God create fruit-bearing trees?
| Third | Fifth | Fourth | Sixth |

On which day of creation did God create birds?
| 3rd | 5th | 4th | 2nd |

Which day of creation included God making night separate from day?
| First | Fourth | Third | Second |

On which day did God create the seas by gathering the waters together?
| 4th | 3rd | 2nd | 5th |

God created birds and fish on the fifth day of creation
| True | False |

What did God create on day five?
| Fish and Birds | Animals | Grass and Trees | Sun and Moon |

What did God do on the 7th day of creation?
| Rested | Created Eve | Created man | Created light |

God rested on the 8th day of creation
| True | False |

What creatures mentioned by God grazed like an ox and lied in the shade of trees?
| Unicorns | Nephilim | Dragons | Behemoth |

What important principle did God establish by the creation of man and woman?
| Working together | Marriage for life | Caring for nature | Love for others |

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