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Haman plotted to kill the Jews during the reign of Queen Esther

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What feast was instituted when Queen Esther saved the Jews from destruction?
| Hanukkah | Passover | Purim | Atonement |

What did Mordecai do when he heard about Haman's plan to kill the Jews?
| Went to plead with the king | Burned down Haman's house | Put on sackcloth and ashes | Cursed Haman in the street |

Haman's ten sons were hanged at Esther's request
| False | True |

Who did Queen Esther invite to her banquets?
| The king and Mordecai | Just the king | The king and his chief princes | The king and Haman |

How many banquets did Queen Esther hold?
| Three | Two | One | Four |

Which king gave Haman permission to destroy the Jews?
| Sennacherib | Abimelech | Ahab | Ahasuerus |

Why did Haman want to kill the entire Jewish nation?
| Mordecai would not bow down to him | His servants told him the Jews wanted to assassinate him | Queen Esther would not invite him to her feast | He wanted to stop the Jews worshipping their God |

Which feast of the Jews was instituted by Esther?
| Passover | Tabernacles | Purim | Weeks |

Who besieged Jabesh-Gilead during the reign of Saul?
| Moabites | Edomites | Hittites | Ammonites |

Why did God cause a famine during the reign of King David?
| Saul killed the Gibeonites | Israel has sided with Absalom | David numbered the Israelites | David stole Bathsheba from Uriah |

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