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Paul the apostle was a tent maker

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David and Abishai crept into Saul's tent at night and took a spear and what other item from beside his head?
| Cloak | Silver plate | Oil lamp | Water jug |

What was removed from over the tent of the tabernacle just before Miriam became leprous?
| Sun | Rain | Fire | Cloud |

A tent peg was used to kill the captain of the Canaanite army
| False | True |

Which Book? : This book of the Bible is a letter written by the apostle Paul which includes many expressions of rejoicing and joyfulness. Paul also tells his audience that every knee should bow at the name of Jesus. He also particularly commends Timothy and Epaphroditus.

Who Am I? : I was sent to take a letter to the apostle Paul. He chose me to accompany him through Syria and Cilicia on his missionary work. In Philippi I was thrown in prison. Paul left me in Thessalonica when he was in fear of his life and later I joined him in Corinth.

During what traumatic event did the apostle Paul take bread and give thanks?
| House falling down | Earthquake | Sea voyage | Fire |

To which tribe did the apostle Paul belong?
| Benjamin | Issachar | Zebulun | Dan |

Where was the apostle Paul (Saul) from?
| Damascus | Corinth | Tarsus | Antioch |

Which Book? : This book of the Bible describes the formation of the early church and the preaching of the Gospel throughout the Greek and Roman world by the apostles, in particular, the apostle Paul.

According to the Apostle Paul, at the sound of what will every knee in heaven and on earth bow?
| The voice of God | The name of Jesus | The shout of archangels | The trumpet of angels |

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