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The famine in Egypt during the time of Joseph lasted for 10 years

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For how many successive years did the crops fail during the time when Joseph reigned in Egypt?
| Seven | Ten | Two | Twelve |

Which son did Jacob not send to Egypt for corn during the famine?
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Why did God cause a famine during the reign of King David?
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Which book of the Bible says there is a time of war and a time of peace?
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What arrangement was made to bring the famine to an end?
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After the prodigal son had spent all his money and famine had come along, what job did he get?
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Fill in the missing number : Jacob lived in the land of Egypt for ____ years.

What guided Israel by night during their time in the wilderness?
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During the time of Elisha's sickness what did he tell Joash to take hold of?
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Who did the chief men go to visit in the Cave of Adullam during harvest time?
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