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Gehazi was struck with leprosy

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Who was first to be struck blind?
| Men of Sodom | Syrian army | Saul | Job |

Who after seeing a vision of an angel was struck dumb until his son was born and named?
| Athaliah | Jeremiah | Hezekiah | Zechariah |

Name someone who was struck dumb

Who Am I? : I was one of thirty men chosen to command David's army, but during a hard battle on the frontline I became isolated from my fellow soldiers and was struck down and died. I was the husband of Bathsheba.

What happened when Moses struck the rock at Horeb?
| The Israelite army went into battle | It began to rain | Water gushed out | His staff broke |

What did Elisha send with Gehazi to place on the Shunammite's dead son?
| Part of his garment | A gold coin | Staff | Myrrh |

For how long was Gehazi made leprous?
| Life | Seven years | One day | Twelve years |

What punishment did Gehazi receive for lying to Naaman?
| Leprosy | Imprisonment | Exile | Death |

What sin did Gehazi commit?
| Envy | Lust | Fornication | Greed |

What punishment was given to Gehazi for his greed?
| He was made dumb | Stoned to death | Made leprous | Sent into exile |

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