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The angels knew when Jesus was going to return from heaven

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Who knew a man who had been caught up to the "third heaven"?

How many angels appeared with the disciples as Jesus ascended to heaven?
| One | Two | Four | Three |

What courtyard was Peter sitting in when he denied he knew Jesus to the servant girl?
| Garden of Gethsemane | High Priest's | Pharisees' | Temple |

The tomb was guarded by two angels to stop the body of Jesus being stolen?
| True | False |

What was the sign that the angels gave to the shepherds, so that they would recognise Jesus?
| Wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger | Wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying among donkeys | Found in a stable, lying in a manger | Found in a stable, with a star shining above it |

After the last supper, what did Jesus and his disciples do before going to the Mount of Olives?
| Sung a hymn | Changed their shoes | Read the prophecy of Daniel | Offered a sacrifice |

As Jesus entered a village while going between Samaria and Galilee, how many lepers did he meet?
| Four | Ten | Seven | Eighteen |

What did Judas get in return for the betrayal of Jesus?
| 10 gold coins | A gold crown | 30 silver pieces | 5 camels |

What city did Lot convince the angels to let him escape to after rescuing him from Sodom?
| Zoba | Zoar | Ziph | Zair |

In Revelation, how many angels were given trumpets?
| Seven | Five | Eleven | Two |

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