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Solomon imported peacocks

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Peacocks were imported by which king of Israel?
| Saul | Solomon | Jereboam | David |

By what name did God want Solomon to be called?
| Jedidiah | Maaseiah | Elasah | Hananiah |

Where does Solomon say that leopards live?
| Rocks | Mountains | Trees | Hills |

What did king Solomon ask for from God?
| Money | Wisdom | A long life | Power |

What was influential in turning Solomon away from God during his later life?
| Foreign wives | Rebellious sons | Wealth | Possessing land |

What type of bird did Solomon import?
| Owls | Parrots | Peacocks | Eagles |

Which bird's song, in the Song of Solomon, is a sign of spring?
| Nightingale | Turtledove | Owl | Sparrow |

Solomon judged wisely over the rightful mother of a child, but how did he determine who the child belonged to?
| Drew lots | God told him | Threatened to divide the child | A witness came forward |

In the love poetry in Song of Solomon how is the lady's hair described?
| As a bed of lilies | As a flock of goats | As a rushing waterfall | As a stream of silver |

Israel split into two kingdoms after the reign of King Solomon, with Israel in the north, but what was the name of the southern kingdom?
| Syria | Philistia | Judah | Edom |

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