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The Israelites were permitted to eat lizards

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What did Jonathan eat, despite Saul telling his troops that they were not to eat it until they were victorious?
| Bread | Honeycomb | Milk | Lamb |

From which mountain was Moses given a view of the Promised Land he not permitted to enter?
| Mt. Sinai | Mt. Hermon | Mt. Hor | Mt. Nebo |

Name one of the items that the Israelites were given to eat in the wilderness

According to the law, why could the Israelites not eat blood?
| God said, "the blood is unclean." | God said, "the blood is devoted to me." | God said, "the blood is the life." | God said, "the blood is for the priests." |

What were people not allowed to eat after the flood?
| Blood | Fat | Herbs | Meat |

Why were the Israelites afraid to enter the promised land?
| The land did not seem fertile | The inhabitants were ready for battle | The inhabitants were great and tall | They didn't have faith in Moses' leadership |

Why were the Israelites told not to gather the gleanings of the harvest?
| They were unclean | To provide for the poor | To feed the wild animals | To keep the land fertile |

At which battle were the Israelites defeated because Joshua didn't pray first?
| Ai | Heshbon | Jericho | Gibeon |

On which mountain were the Israelites given the Ten Commandments
| Mt. Nebo | Mt. Sinai | Mt. Olives | Mt. Ararat |

From what age were the Israelites able to go to war?
| 18 | 25 | 20 | 30 |

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