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Absalom had his hair cut once a year

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Who had his hair cut only once a year?
| Naaman | Judas | David | Absalom |

Whose hair when cut annually weighed two hundred shekels by the king's weight?
| Sennacherib | Absalom | Caleb | Samson |

Whose mother took him a little coat once a year?
| Samuel | Joseph | David | Jesus |

Which year is the Lord's year of release?
| 7th | 12th | 5th | 3rd |

Once the Israelites had entered the Promised Land, what happened in the days after they had celebrated the Passover?
| Joshua apportioned land to each tribe | The River Jordan began to flow again | God stopped providing manna | The Amorites attacked them |

Elisha had long hair that reached his waist
| False | True |

What was the name of the servant who had his ear cut off at the arrest of Jesus?
| Barnabas | Malchus | Ananias | Didymus |

Who, after cutting off the thumbs and big toes of others, had his own big toes and thumbs cut off?
| Sisera | Ehud | Adoni-bezek | Othniel |

Who thanked King David for allowing his son Absalom to return to Jerusalem?
| The wise woman of Tekoah | Abishai | Absalom himself | Joab |

Who deceived the worshippers of Baal into attending sacrifices only to destroy them all once they had arrived?
| Elisha | Josiah | Jeremiah | Jehu |

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