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What name is given to the festival that celebrated the gathering of the wheat harvest?

Feast of Tabernacles
Day of Atonement
Feast of Booths
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Which major feast coincided with the wheat harvest?
| Passover | Tabernacles | Pentecost | Firstfruits |

Who during the wheat harvest found mandrakes in the field and gave them to Leah?
| Simeon | Reuben | Judah | Benjamin |

Who caused great fear by calling on God to send rain and thunder during the wheat harvest?
| David | Samuel | Joshua | Aaron |

Once the Israelites had entered the Promised Land, what happened in the days after they had celebrated the Passover?
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What festival was instituted to celebrate the fact that the Jews were saved?
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When was the festival of Passover established?
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What was the widow of Zarephath gathering when Elijah first met her?
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What was the man gathering on the Sabbath for which he was stoned to death?
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On which day did God create the seas by gathering the waters together?
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What did Pharaoh's dream of good and bad ears of wheat represent?
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