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Who did God send to rebuke David for his dealings with Uriah and Bathsheba?

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Who received a letter from David, telling him to put Uriah in the heat of battle?

Who Am I? : I was one of thirty men chosen to command David's army, but during a hard battle on the frontline I became isolated from my fellow soldiers and was struck down and died. I was the husband of Bathsheba.

What convinced David he was in love with Bathsheba, to the extent that he was prepared to commit adultery?
| She was his servant, and he saw she was beautiful | He saw her take a bath, and saw she was beautiful | He saw her with her husband, and saw she was beautiful | He had dinner with her, and saw she was beautiful |

Bathsheba was David's first wife
| False | True |

What was Bathsheba doing when David first saw her?
| Brushing her hair | Washing herself | Playing with her children | Cooking a meal |

How did Uriah die?
| The captain of the army stabbed him in the back | The captain of the army sent him on a dangerous mission in another country | David had him placed in the most dangerous spot in the battle | David killed him with a sword |

What did David do that caused God to send an angel to destroy Israel?
| Adultery | Murder | Numbered Israel | Theft |

Who was Bathsheba's first husband?
| Uriel | Uriah | Aaron | Elisha |

What did Jesse send with David to the army camp?
| Fresh horses | Provisions of food | News from back home | Lambs for sacrifice |

Where did God send Abraham to sacrifice his special son?
| Paran | Beersheba | Salem | Moriah |

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