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Which ruler of the synagogue asked Jesus to heal his sick daughter?

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Whose handkerchiefs were able to heal the sick?
| Jesus | Peter | Paul | Barnabus |

After Jesus called Simon and Andrew to follow him, which town's synagogue did they go into?
| Cana | Nazareth | Capernaum | Gennesaret |

Which ruler wanted the baby Jesus killed?
| Herod | Tiberius | Augustus | Philip |

Who became blind when Paul visited him at Paphos because of his attempt to turn the ruler, Sergius Paulus, away from the Word of God?
| Simeon | Elymas | Herod | Agabus |

At Capernaum, how did the man sick of the palsy gain access to the house in which Jesus was?
| Chimney | Back door | Roof | Window |

Which father came to Jesus to seek help for his little daughter who lay at the point of death?
| Jairus | Simeon | Lazarus | Cornelius |

Why did Jesus say, " They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick"?
| Because he refused to eat at the house of a Pharisee | Because the Pharisees criticised him for eating with publicans and sinners | Because the Pharisees criticised him for healing a blind man | Because one of his disciples fell ill |

When Jesus forgave the sins of the sick man let down through the roof to him, to what did the Pharisees object?
| They objected to the multitudes around coming to be healed | They thought Jesus should have healed the man rather than forgive his sins | They thought only God could forgive sins | They objected to the hole in the roof of the house |

Which prophet did the young maid of Naaman's wife suggest could heal Naaman of his leprosy?
| Isaiah | Elijah | Jeremiah | Elisha |

When Job had his fortune restored he was blessed with seven sons and three daughters. Which of these was not a daughter of Job?
| Jemima | Naomi | Kezia | Keren-happuch |

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