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Which of the following birds is deemed clean?

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Which living creatures in the water were deemed unclean?
| Those without fins and scales | Those without a hard shell | Those with a hard shell | Those with fins and scales |

When leprosy covered the whole body the leper was considered to be clean. True or false?
| True | False |

What river did Naaman have to wash in seven times to become clean?
| Euphrates | Abana | Jordan | Pharpar |

On which day of creation did God create birds?
| 5th | 4th | 3rd | 2nd |

Which prophet said that Ahab's people would be eaten by birds?
| Jeremiah | Isaiah | Elisha | Elijah |

What birds did God provide for the children of Israel to eat during their exodus from Egypt?
| Pigeons | Turtledoves | Ostriches | Quails |

What two birds did Abram sacrifice to God?
| Pigeon & Quail | Quail & Dove | Dove & Pigeon | Sparrow & Turtledove |

Who had a dream about birds eating from a basket on his head?
| Joseph | Pharaoh | Pharaoh's butler | Pharaoh's baker |

Who had a vision of a great sheet filled with unclean birds and other animals?
| Paul | Peter | John | Barnabas |

In the parable of the grain of mustard seed, when it becomes a tree birds come and do what?
| Build nests | Die | Eat the leaves | Roost for the night |

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