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The soldiers hit Jesus over the head with a stick?

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What was unusual about the 700 Benjamite soldiers who could sling a stone and hit their target every time?
| They were all blind | They all had red hair | They were all women | They were all left-handed |

Who was hit on the head with a millstone thrown by a woman?
| Eli | Abimelech | Jehoram | Ahaziah |

At Christ's crucifixion what did the soldiers place on his head?
| Crown of Jewels | Crown of Thistles | Crown of Thorns | Crown of Nettles |

What was put on the end of stick and presented to Jesus when he was on the cross?
| Sponge | Rag | Fat of an ox | Hyssop |

What animal did Balaam strike with a stick?
| Ox | Sheep | Donkey | Goat |

Which prophet threw a stick into water to make an axe float?
| Elisha | Ezekiel | Samuel | Joel |

Under the Mosaic law, what was the punishment for someone who hit their father?
| Imprisonment | Flogging | Exile | Death |

What does Micah say the judge of Israel will be hit on the cheek with?
| A rod | A sword | A wet towel | A raised hand |

The clothes of Jesus were divided among the soldiers five ways?
| False | True |

The soldiers broke the legs of Jesus?
| True | False |

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