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The tomb was guarded by two angels to stop the body of Jesus being stolen?

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The soldiers were bribed to say that the disciples had stolen the body of Jesus?
| True | False |

Other than putting a stone in front of Jesus' tomb, what measure was taken to guard the tomb?
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Which parts of his body did Peter ask Jesus to wash, after being told that unless Jesus washed his feet he would have no part with him?
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Who was "stolen away out of the land of the Hebrews" and put in a dungeon?
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Who went to the tomb of Jesus with Mary Magdalene and Mary (mother of James) to anoint Jesus?
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Which Pharisee said that if the gospel truly comes from God, no-one will be able to stop it spreading?
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Who did an angel stop from sacrificing his own son on a mountain in Moriah?
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How did the king stop the extermination of the Jews?
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At what town did God stop the waters of the Jordan as the Israelites crossed over on dry land?
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What was offered to stop the plague that killed 14,700 of the Israelites?
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