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Elijah was a....?

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When Elijah fled from Jezebel into the wilderness what did an angel provide him with to eat, giving him 40 days of strength?
| Pot of broth | Cheese | Cake | Fish |

What was the first miracle of Elijah?
| Fire from heaven | Parting of the river Jordan | Raising widow's son | Causing a drought |

What was the name of the city where Elijah raised the widow's son?
| Gilead | Beer-sheba | Samaria | Zarephath |

Which king of Israel did Elijah warn about an imminent drought?
| Ahaziah | Jehu | Ahab | Omri |

Which animals brought Elijah food during the drought he prophesied?
| Bears | Mice | Ravens | Wolves |

What was the widow of Zarephath gathering when Elijah first met her?
| Hay | Wood | Water | Eggs |

How many times did Elijah stretch himself over the widow's dead son before he was revived?
| Two | One | Three | Four |

What did Elijah instruct Obadiah to go and tell Ahab?
| To pull down the statues of Baal | The King of Aram's army was advancing | There would be a famine in Samaria | That Elijah was found |

How many prophets of the goddess Asherah were called to Mt Carmel for Elijah's sacrificial challenge to the prophets of Baal?
| 550 | 450 | 400 | 500 |

After Elijah mocked the prophets of Baal, what other ritual did the prophets try to gain Baal's attention?
| Cut themselves with knives | Beat their chests with sticks | Danced around the altar | Sang hymns |

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