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Who was the prophet that anointed Elisha?

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Which prophet anointed David as king?
| Samuel | Isaiah | Elijah | Amos |

King, Prophet or Apostle? : Elisha
| Apostle | Prophet | King |

After David was anointed king of Judah, who was made king of Israel?
| Ishbosheth | Nadab | Menahem | Baasah |

Which of Jesus' titles means "the anointed"?
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After the first king of Israel failed God, what was the name of the second king anointed?
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Where was Solomon anointed?
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Which priest anointed Solomon?
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Mary anointed the feet of Jesus at Bethany
| False | True |

What New Testament word means anointed?

What happened to the prophet from Judah who was led to disobey God when a prophet from Bethel lied to him saying he was allowed to come back and share a meal with him?
| Crushed by a falling oak tree | Killed by a lion | Struck by lightning | Attacked and killed by a robber |

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