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Which of the following was used of God to mean Father?

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Which of the following was not a promise God made to David?
| God would be the father of one of David's sons | God will not take his love away from a future son of David | David's son would build a house for God | One of David's daughters would be the first queen of Israel |

Who gave birth to a son, following her prayer to God in the temple, during which the priest accused her of drunkenness?
| Rebekah | Rachel | Hannah | Elisabeth |

Which king used a pen knife to destroy God's word?
| Jehoiakim | Rehoboam | Hezekiah | Saul |

What did God's new name for Abraham mean?
| Father of many heights | Father of a multitude | Father of the faithful | Father of rain |

What instruments were used to praise God when the temple foundation was rebuilt?
| Sackbut and psaltery | Trumpets and cymbals | Many stringed instruments | Harp and lyre |

Who Am I? : I was one of the eight people aboard Noah's ark. After the flood I saw my father naked and went to tell my brothers who covered him up. Upon hearing what had happened, my father blessed my brothers but cursed me.

In the parable of the good father, if a son asks for an egg, what would the good father not give him?
| A mouse | A fish | A scorpion | A stone |

Which of the following did Saul not turn to for advice towards the end of his life?
| Prophets of Baal | A witch / medium | Dreams | Urim |

Which of the following birds is deemed clean?
| Owl | Stork | Quail | Raven |

Which of the following was a way that Jacob fooled Isaac into thinking that he was Esau?
| Imitated Esau's voice | Made his father drunk | Put on sheep skins | Wore Esau's garments |

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