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How many loaves of bread were to be left on the table in the Tabernacle?

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When Jesus was in the wilderness, what was he tempted to turn into loaves of bread?
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Which animals skins, dyed red, were used as an offering to help make the tabernacle?
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Joseph seated his brothers at his table in Egypt in order of their age?
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Fearing that Saul wanted to kill him, what lie did David ask Jonathan to tell his father if asked why he wasn't at the king's table for the New Moon feast?
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What did the Canaanite woman talking to Jesus say that the dogs ate that fell from their masters' table?
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Five loaves and two fish were used to feed the 5,000
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How many men did the twenty loaves from the man from Baal-Shalishah feed?
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How many loaves did Christ mention when he spoke about a hungry friend arriving at midnight?
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For how many days could the Jews not eat leaven during the Feast of Unleavened Bread?
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